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Our mission is to serve God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of Guatemala's poorest children. Uplifting Ministries provides a range of programs for these children.

We currently host two local youth groups at our mission home in Guazacapan. There we provide a safe and fun environment for the youth to meet, with the goal to strengthen the youth to help them grow spiritually. We also provide a monthly plan to evangelize and help the community through the youth. In addition, our ministry conducts three weekly English classes for adults and children, and a feeding program for the homeless and alcoholics. .

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Another important activity of Uplifting Ministries is a sponsorship program. We search for children without parents in the most impoverished areas of Santa Rosa Guatemala who need assistance. When you sponsor a child your support covers the child's schooling, two medical checks a year, as well as ensure that they have food, shoes, and clothes. Even more important than the money though, all the kids are required to attend church once a week as well as meet at our local mission house for a lesson, activity, and to write their American sponsors a personal letter. The ministry provides both Bible classes and English classes for the children. See Sponsorship FAQS for more information.

Ministries Inc is USA based organization dedicated to providing charitable, religious and educational services to children. Activities are conducted on the local level. Current efforts are centered in the village and surrounding areas of Guazacapan, Guatemala. You can follow some of the activities in the published newsletters below.

If you would like to receive our newsletter send us an email and we will add you to the distribution List.

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