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Sponsorship FACS

Uplifting Ministries searches for children with no parents or a single parent in the most impoverished areas of Santa Rosa Guatemala. Our basic goal is to find sponsors for these children.

For $35 a month our program ensures your child has supplies for school as well as pays for his/her living necessities throughout the year.

Here is a list of what the sponsorship program pays for each child:

  • January: school supplies

  • February: food,

  • March: food

  • April: medical

  • June: food

  • July: food

  • August: clothes/shoes

  • September: food

  • October: medical

  • November: food

  • December: clothes/shoes

This is a general guideline and the specific child's needs will determine exactly what he or she receives for the month.

When you sponsor a child you will be able to exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement. In addition to providing material support for a child, your sponsorship will also mean that they will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a life-long relationship with God. It will profoundly change the future for the child. Just knowing that someone cares means more than you can imagine.

                      If you would be interested in sponsoring a child, click on the following link

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