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Football Volunteer Program

Uplifting Ministries is introducing a football (soccer) volunteering program in Guatemala. As Guatemala’s most popular sport, football is an excellent vehicle to tackle poverty and provide important values to kids as they develop through life. The program will offer a safe, secure environment for children to practice and play football, getting them off the street and enabling them to get away from drugs and crime.

In association with developing the football project, we will be creating football equipment using recycled plastics such as a goal net, cones, hurdles and mannequins. With the local municipal not having the means to recycle plastics, using the discarded plastic around the municipal to build equipment creates an eco friendly alternative which serves a purpose for the community.

We welcome volunteers with varying levels of coaching experience. The emphasis is not on developing Latin America’s next international football star but about providing the opportunity for children from less advantaged backgrounds to develop socially through the medium of sport.

The program works in conjunction with Uplifting Ministries General Program which includes teaching children English, feeding the homeless, participating in bible class and assisting in environmental and recycling programs.

This program will be run by Ex Leicester City Professional Footballer Robbie Paratore and CEO of Uplifting Ministeries David Lane in conjunction with the Guazacapan Municipal Football School.

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