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Uplifting Ministries hosts mission trips for teams and individuals. A mission trip is about seven days long by serving the people of Guazacapan in a spiritual and physical way. The team will be part of certain ministry activities like:

  • Sunday church service

  • English, and Bible classes for the sponsor children

  • Feeding the homeless and alcoholics

  • Learning how to make Teach to Fish keychains

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Every team will also be involved in/leading a construction and outreach project. This can consist of a VBS, medical station, etc.

The teams and individuals will stay in our mission house on the property and receive three meals a day. Any transportation on site, to and from the airport and flight to Guatemala and back to the US are included in our mission trip price.

We would love for you to be part of it and experience how God is going to work through you at Uplifting Ministries.


If you are interested in going on a Mission Trip, send us on Email to

Here are some impressions of previous teams on our mission trips:

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