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Our Facilities

In 2017 we bought 5 acres of land in the countryside of Guazacapan. This area is called ‘El Barro’. 

One of the first construction projects arranged on the property was the mission house. The mission house consists of two private sleeping rooms each with a bathroom, a women's dorm with a bathroom, a men's dorm with a bathroom, a community room and a kitchen/dining room. It can host about 22 people. The mission house is located in the back of the property.

At the same time when the mission house was under construction, a team from Lexington KY built a wooden house for a homeless family on the corner of our property. Not only did the team bless the family with a house, they also were able to share the good news. 

Watch the video of the Mission team building the house:

In 2021, we started the construction of our church and Uplifting Christ Church was opened in June of 2022. It is the largest building on our property and is located in the front of the property. We are waiting on funds to completely finish it by laying the floor. 

Behind our church we have 5 toilets and a hand wash station for people attending church service.


Soon after the opening of the church, we had people who have confessed their faith and wanted to get baptized as a public testimony. That’s when we created a baptistry area right next to the church. 

We ended the year of 2022 with the construction of our first two classrooms on the property. These two classrooms are currently used for Sunday school, but will serve in the future also as our Bible and English classes for our Sponsor children. Currently we are still missing any school furniture filling these rooms.

In 2023 we started with the construction of the main entrance of the property. A Mission team from Michigan made this possible. This is the first part of the wall. We plan on fencing in the whole property for security. 


Without our donors, mission teams, and construction workers none of these projects would have been possible. THANK YOU!

Vision for further projects on Uplifting Ministries property:


  • Concrete road that starts at property entrance, that follows to church and to mission house.

  • A building for offices next to the classrooms.

  • A building for our Feeding the Homeless and Alcoholics with kitchen.

  • Finishing the security wall around the whole property.

  • Parking lot.

  • Eating Area for Mission Teams.

  • Relaxing pool for Mission Trip guests.

  • Soccer field (another tool to draw in young people and create connections to lead them to Christ).

  • Apartment for our Pastor Saul.

  • House for our Missionaries David & Catherine Lane.


All these projects depend on your generous giving. Any donation we get contributes to furthering the kingdom of God in Guazacapan. Thank you so much for being part of it.

If you would like to give to one of these projects please click below

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