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Uplifting Christ Church

One of our first building projects on the property, next to the mission house, was the construction of a church. In June of 2022, we have successfully opened our Church doors of ‘Uplifting Christ Church’ to the people of Guazacapan. Since then, we had every Sunday morning a church service and Sunday school accessible to the public. To see our statement of faith, please see our home page.

Watch this video of the church inauguration:

God has made it possible to connect two ministries. Paradise Bound, a Christian ministry located in Chimaltenango educates and disciples local pastors in Guatemala. Through them we have found the right pastor for Uplifting Christ Church, Pastor Saul. He was dedicated as the pastor of Uplifting Christ Church in November of 2022. 


Watch this video of the pastor dedication:

As our faith of statement declares: We believe that every truly born again Christian will want to and should be baptized as a public testimony that they are a born again child of God and a believer in Jesus Christ.  Acts 8:35-39

Uplifting Ministries and now through the extension to Uplifting Christ Church, we had over 30 baptisms. 
Here are some photos of the most current baptisms:

Youth Group

Every Friday evening since 2014 we opened our doors for the young generation of Guazacapan. Individuals can enjoy a fun evening with friends and at the same time learn about Jesus.

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